1. Tax Law

a) Consulting and Advisory on Tax Matters

Our firm is at your service to resolve queries relating to tax issues that are raised, either through personal interviews, by telephone or by mail.
Also, we are able to provide various additional tax advisory services, such as refund request, confirmations criteria, authorizations and other administrative proceedings before the tax authorities and obtaining resolutions concerning confirmations of criteria or individual authorizations.

b) Implementation of Fiscal Strategies

One of the main goals of our firm is to maintain a constant synergy with officials of the Group, through regular meetings and interviews with staff in a firm and permanent communication, in order to be fully aware of their daily operations, business plans and budgets, in order to be able to provide a comprehensive service to detect areas of opportunity and thus ensure that our services are timely and of great added value for the Company.

In this regard, we also would focus on making specific proposals for strategies or operating alternatives derived from the detected and participate with officers of the Company in the implementation of corporate restructurings, equity transfer, evaluation and review of projects or models, and so on.

c) New Information in Tax Matters

As an integral part of our services, we would be vigilant to make your acquaintance any change in the tax and customs legislation in Mexico, as well as new decrees, resolutions or particular criteria that could affect the Company.

d) Tax Litigation

It includes any means of defense or an administrative appeal against acts of authority and / or against the application of tax provisions that contravene the constitutional principles of federal and local contributions.

e) Compliance Tax Litigation

The audit taxation involves the review of completed litigation and unfinished with no older than 5 years of the Group companies, which shareholders and directors may have some knowledge of the state of these, in order to learn the contingency that generate them, and the chances of obtaining a favorable resolution to their interests.

De igual manera se revisaría la vigencia y validez de las opiniones proporcionadas por los despachos en determinadas situaciones, así como de resoluciones emitidas por las autoridades fiscales.

Finalmente, se revisarían los derechos y contribuciones que actualmente pagan las empresas del Grupo, a efecto de determinar su constitucionalidad y, por lo tanto, la conveniencia de la presentación de una demanda de amparo.

2. Foreign Trade

We have advisory, consulting and diagnosis of foreign trade, design and implementation of strategies related to IMMEX programs (formerly PITEX and maquila) DRAW-BACK and PROSEC, advice on non-tariff restrictions, performing various procedures such as, among, managing the list of importers, support in addressing direct audits by the relevant authorities; external audit in foreign trade and counseling free trade.

We provide support to our customers in a comprehensive review of its foreign trade operations, in order to obtain an overview enabling them to ascertain the situation saved them, verifying proper control and enforcement of customs duties and non-tariff applicable, established by the Mexican customs legislation, placing greater emphasis on detecting potential risks of the operation.

In addition, we provide the following services:

a) Establishment of preventive legal auditing of foreign trade relating to inventory control, payment of taxes, regulatory compliance and non-tariff restrictions, value, origin, pediments review in accordance with Annex 22 of the General Rules of Foreign Trade;

b) Certification on VAT and IESPS;

c) Consultation "No VAT payment" when the provisions of article 2-A of the Law on Value Added Tax are met;

d) Tariff classification of goods;

e) Consultations with the authorities of the SAT in the tariff classification of goods, to determine the proper performance of such customs and tax obligations or the existence of a contingent liability for purposes of self-correction or rectification of pediments;

f) Preparation of quota certificates;

g) Procedures unfair trade practices (dumping) defending both the exporter and the importer;

h) Application of Incoterms in the international sale of merchandise;

i) legal defense of strategic economic sectors (Mining, Telecom, Automotive, etc.) and Mexican Official Standards.

3. Corporate Law

a) Corporate Law

As part of the services provided by our firm, corporate practice is both domestic and foreign customers.

We provide legal advice regarding the constitution, acquisition, merger or demerger of all kinds of entities and organizations, legal audits (Due Diligence), trusts and the acquisition, sale, lease and collateralization of movable and immovable property.

We offer a comprehensive service for the backup file public documents, list and control powers granted by society, and the development, protection and updating corporate books.

We also have extensive experience in the development, review and negotiation of civil and commercial contracts.

b) Corporate audit

Corporate audit involves the review of various documents such as the Constitutive Act, the minutes of meetings and corporate books of the Group companies in order to determine whether all acts of the company are duly registered, such as shareholdings, capital investment

In addition, the effectiveness and validity of contracts entered into by the Group companies, in order to determine whether the clauses contained therein meet the legal requirements and the consequences that such contracts involve would be reviewed.

Finally, we would review whether the powers that have been granted conducive meet legal requirements; this in order to ensure that legal transactions concluded by managers of the companies have established the validity of the laws.

It is worth noting that in the respective report would make a list of the powers and contracts concluded by the Group companies to the effect that shareholders and managers have more control of the legal acts of the same and a full understanding of the legal status company.