a) Accounting Services
  1. Record of operations in accounting system.
  2. Performing bank reconciliations against statements.
  3. Validation of digital tax receipts received.
  4. Operational advice for the management and control of digital tax documents.
b) Tax Service
  1. Verification of compliance with obligations under registration in the Tax Administration Service SAT.
  2. Tax calculation and determination that is subject ISR, IVA, retentions, etc. (monthly).
  3. Informative presentation of monthly statements which have obligation, keeping track with control and submitting them folio number for verification.
  4. Send capture line for payment of taxes. (When there is a balance due).
  5. Serve notices in the mailbox tax (tax mailbox).
  6. Shipping Review of compliance (tool that validates the timely fulfillment of the obligations the company has, which should be positive if you have timely filed their statements)..
  7. To be agreed with the customer face meeting or online to report on relevant aspects of the tax period in accounting.
c) Billing Services
  1. 1. Advisory novelties vouchers, which must contain requirements to request invoices, recommendations, etc.
d) Other Services

MANAGEMENT. Making proceedings before the SAT (FIEL, PASSWORD, IMSS, INFONAVIT, MEXICO CITY (local taxes) which require in most cases many hours for completion of the paperwork, so be requested one special power (specific) to be able to carry out all these acts.