For the purposes of the IMSS and INFONAVIT

Employers’ Audit Contributions paid to the IMSS.

The opinion for purposes of IMSS is mandatory for all those companies with 300 employees or more, this opinion provides companies with the security and peace of mind that they are adequately complying with the payment of fees to the IMSS, which is a very technical and difficult subject tracing.

“INFONAVIT Contributions Audit and Tax Opinion”

Although the opinion for the purposes of Infonavit is voluntary; It is recommended that companies with 300 or more employees, who are required to be audited for purposes of the IMSS, also do so for Infonavit purposes because the changes in salaries that are corrected with the opinion for IMSS, have direct repercussions on the database of the Infonavit.

The advantages of being ruled for these contributions are:

  • They will not be subject to domiciliary visits for a prescribed exercise.
  • No difference cards will be issued (considering the requirements of the respective Regulations).

You can trust the Experience of Rodríguez Bravo y Asociados S.C. for the presentation of your payments to the authorities of the IMSS and INFONAVIT and thus minimize the risks that evade these responsibilities implies.


Give its opinion on the compliance with tax obligations by financial codes concerning tax expenditures to staff working in the appropriate state.